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  Area Orientation Services, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Settling-In Services, Dhaka, Bangladesh
International Relocation Assistance, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Housing Search, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Furnished/Serviced Apartments, Dhaka, Bangladesh
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We provide essential area orientation services for the international transferee coming to Dhaka, Bangladesh. Whether it is a short term, long term or extended business assignment we customize our services to fit the needs of your employee. Our packages are available in various increments from one-day to five-days
Contact prior to arrival in Dhaka, Bangladesh to assess needs of individual/family.
Verbal orientation about the Dhaka/Other area in Bangladesh.
Information kit -- pertinent information to help make an educated decision.
Area orientation in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Contact prior to arrival to assess needs of individual/family.
Verbal orientation on home search process in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Information kit.
Introduction to an experienced realtor in Dhaka.
Escorted home search and follow-up.
Move-in assistance in Dhaka, Bangladesh -- utilities, furniture delivery.
Verbal Orientation -- what you need to know from A-Z.
Assistance with Social Security, Driver’s license, banking, specialty stores, community orientation and more in     Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Ongoing Support.
Disconnect all utilities, mail forwarding
Arrange for cleaning services.
Final walk-through with realtor in Dhaka,Bangladesh.

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