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Kalam Real Estate Services provides semi-annual reports covering Office / R&D, Industrial/Warehouse, and Retail properties located in the Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara regions of Dhaka City, Bangladesh as well as selected areas in Dhaka City.

The data incorporated in each report is a compilation of reliable sources as well as proprietary market data obtained in house.

Typical reports contain the breakdown of the total building base, direct availabilities, sublease availabilities, percent vacancy, percent change in vacancy from the previous quarter, and the average asking rate for each submarket, as well as other pertinent and/or seasonal data and information.

Custom reports are available upon request most of the time free of charge, however in certain cases, a fee may be charged.
Kalam Real Estate Services also specializes in furnished/serviced/corporate apartments and temporary/extended housing and vacation rentals in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
It also provides semi-annual reports in hospitality industry`s most dynamic market segment which is the furnished/serviced apartments and accommodation market in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
We can help you find the best unfurnished/ furnished/ serviced/ corporate apartments in Dhaka, Bangladesh at the most reasonable rates for temporary/ short/ long/ term housing in Dhaka whether you are relocating to a new city, working on an extended assignment, settling an insurance claim, undergoing extended medical treatment, or simply need a place to call home during a period of transition.

We assist the relocating employees in all aspects of their relocation to Dhaka, Bangladesh.





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