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How can our Corporate & Relocation Services team help you, the company?

Our Corporate & Relocation service is designed to make the process of assisting an employee relocation or secondment to Dhaka, Bangladesh more efficient. We offer a free home-finding service which is managed by a personal Account Manager and tailored to the specific requirements of the company, and of course the individual in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Since the summer of 2006 we have helped hundreds of companies with a variety of relocation requirements, ranging from major banks to law firms and from consulting companies to media houses. Whether you are an HR professional who needs to accommodate a number of employees moving to Dhaka, Bangladesh for the short or long term, or a PA overseeing the relocation of a top executive and his family to the Capital, we have the experience and the local know how to help. Whether you have relocation procedures in place with set budgets, or this is the first time you have dealt with a secondment or relocation we can offer advice and guidance on timeframes, budgets and locations and along with the specifics of your situation can find the best solution for the company and employee.

How can we help you, help your new member of staff?

The Dhaka, Bangladesh lettings market moves at a fast pace and can be daunting if moving from abroad or elsewhere in the Bangladesh. Our Account Managers in the Corporate & Relocation Services team are experts in property relocation and are able to look after the employee’s requirements before they move to Dhaka, Bangladesh by conducting an initial consultation. We will identify all of the details of their relocation and then organise property viewings with our senior negotiators when they arrive in London. The support from the Account Manager continues throughout the home search and also during the tenancy so the employee will always have a helpful point of contact for any questions or concerns giving them peace of mind whilst they are living in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Our experience means we have dealt with an extensive array of different property relocation requirements. We understand that the personal circumstances when moving to Dhaka, Bangladesh will always be unique and through our network of 14 offices, we’re able to help with differing budgets ranging from a junior member of staff needing a studio flat to a senior executive looking for a family home or furnished/serviced/corporate apartments and holiday rentals in Dhaka, Bangladesh in areas like Gulshan/Banani/Baridhara of Dhaka City. Our expertise of the Dhaka property market includes central, west and south west London, which encompasses many of the popular destinations for people relocating to.

Can we help junior employees? Or even Dhaka based staff?

You may also have staff members who are relocating to Dhaka, Bangladesh but are not eligible for any financial assistance. Could they benefit from an extra helping hand with their home search? We assist a number of firms with their graduate new starters and lateral hires, who have not been allocated a relocation package, however their company is keen to ensure that they have support and access to professional advice during their move to Dhaka, Bangladesh. In some cases we visit graduates in person, prior to moving to London to provide an initial consultation helping them to organise and prioritise their search criteria before arranging viewings with our senior negotiators.
Our Corporate & Relocation Services department are also on hand to help members of staff who are already living in London but need to find a new property to rent or buy. With a busy work schedule it is often difficult and frustrating to manage a proactive property search and we can help streamline the process by conducting an over the phone consultation and then arrange viewings with our senior negotiators. Once again, the support from your Account Manager continues throughout the search and during the tenancy. Many of our clients make their Dhaka based employees aware of our service via an internal communications system or intranet which will display information about the service along with direct contact information for their Account Manager in the Corporate & Relocation Services team.

Professionally Managed

At Kalam Real Estate Services Worldwide, we have a Property Management department who manage the day to day running of properties for a large number of our Landlords. On the whole, we find that companies prefer their employees to be looked after by a professional management service as opposed to the Landlord directly. The property managers have direct relationships with contractors who are expected to meet the minimum standards expected by us as well as providing a 24 hour emergency helpline should disaster strike out of hours. Our Corporate & Relocation Services team work closely with the Property Management department to ensure a quality service is delivered to our corporate tenants once they have moved into their new home. The tenant in Dhaka, Bangladesh then has two main points of contact: their original Account Manager and their property manager, making sure that their entire tenancy is as stress free as possible.

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Moving to Dhaka, Bangladesh?

Let us be the first to welcome you to the community!
Dhakahomes.biz is a leading provider of relocation services in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
At DHAKAHOMES.BIZ-A DIVISION OF KALAM REAL ESTATE SERVICES-, we know that moving is about more than finding a home. We will be happy to provide you with information on schools, doctors, day care, recreation, and much more in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

We focus on providing great customer service. You will be delighted with our agents professionalism and in depth knowledge of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

On your home-finding trip to Dhaka, Bangladesh we will:

  1. Show you available properties-furnished/unfurnished apartments in Dhaka, Bangaldesh for temporary and long term housing- that meet your criteria.
  2. Take you on a personal tour of the area so you can better acquaint yourself with our community and its amenities.
  3. Explain to you in detail the home buying process and provide you with a timeline of events that occur during this time.
  4. Acquaint you with all the participants to the transaction and explain how each one contributes to the purchase process of your home.


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Moving out of Dhaka, Bangladesh?

We'll be happy to refer you to a broker in your new location through our Broker to Broker referral network. All offices in this network are owned and /or managed by Certified Real Estate Brokers.
Through our Broker to Broker network, your information will be forwarded to a carefully selected individual who specializes in relocation in your new area. Our relocation coordinator will follow up and stay informed of your home buying process.

Moving within Bangladesh?

DHAKAHOMES.BIZ agents provide only the most professional service regardless of where you are moving. Our relocation coordinator stays informed on all of our transactions so you have 2 people working for you all the time.


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