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Rental Property Services & Repairs in Dhaka, Bangladesh:

Our company has a complete rental property staff from movers, cleaners, landscapers to repair and handymen, right up to master tradesmen. We do not charge a service call fee. Our clients enjoy considerable repair/expense savings as a result. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day for all emergencies.

We have a Professional Property Management team in Dhaka, Bangladesh undertakes all renting of client’s properties at a reduced cost. We are aligned with several major local companies/industries for relocations and term/contract employees. We also advertise using all local newspapers, Internet and our website. Our extensive database is updated regularly. We also offer third party and/or a onetime rental service.

Commercial & Residential Rental Renovations & Repairs in Dhaka, Bangladesh:

We are capable of handling all commercial and home repairs, maintenance and emergencies as needed due to our complete staff. We can also do upgrades and home renovations as well!

Landlord Paralegal Services in Dhaka,Bangladesh:

We have a complete in house paralegal department providing paralegal services to (landlords only). Our property management paralegal services are handled in a timely cost efficient manner; therefore no expensive lawyers or wasted time on improperly prepared applications. Time is money when tenants need to be evicted. We also do considerable work for non-management and third party collections including property seizure, garnishment and small claims court actions.

Property Management Specialists in Dhaka, Bangladesh:

We have Professional Property Management team in real estate investment property managers. Whether it be commercial property management or residential rental property management we can meet your requirements. We have been assisting landlords in managing their rental properties since 2000.

What types of properties do we manage? On the commercial side of things we manage multiple unit apartments, to large commercial office buildings in Dhaka, Bangladesh. On the home owner’s side we manage houses, duplexes, townhouses and condominiums. With our years of experience Our Property Management team can meet all your commercial and residential rental property needs.

We manage real estate properties for companies and home owners who are based in other parts of the world. KALAM REAL ESTATE SERVICES is a “Complete Management Service” company that does it all for our clients from renting, management, maintenance and repairs to paralegal services dealing with The Tenant Protection Act , in Dhaka, Bangladesh
We now have our own in-house paralegal service department. This service is for landlords only. Each month a detailed monthly statement is prepared documenting all monies received from the tenants as well as all monthly expenses. For more information on our property rental services please view our property services in Dhaka, Bangladesh and repairs page. or view our rental listings. Call professional property Management today. You have nothing to lose the consultation is free. Let us take the worry out of managing your investment.



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