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Need a suitable furnished/ serviced/ corporate apartment in Dhaka, Bangladesh for temporary housing stay or for a  day/ week/ month or more in Dhaka, Bangladesh?


Looking for an economic
alternative to an expensive hotel?


We can help you find the best unfurnished/ furnished/ serviced/ corporate apartments in Dhaka, Bangladesh at the most reasonable rates for temporary/ short/ long/ term housing in Dhaka whether you are relocating to a new city, working on an extended assignment, settling an insurance claim, undergoing extended medical treatment, or simply need a place to call home during a period of transition.


Furnished/serviced/corporate Apartments  is a division of Kalam Real Estate Services which specializes in short/long term accommodation in Dhaka, Bangladesh and is the leading corporate housing provider in Dhaka, Bangladesh providing corporate housing services and furnished/serviced/corporate apartment in Dhaka, Bangladesh for temporary housing stay or for a  day/week/ month or more in Dhaka, Bangladesh and has proven to be the leading resource of personal housing services for so many individuals, families and groups who find themselves tasked with seeking one to one hundred or more furnished rentals. Leverage our over decades years in the temporary housing industry to help you locate the perfect furnished rental to meet your specific criteria. Some of our satisfied customers have included individuals who have just bought or sold a home and need a place to call home until settlement. We are well-equipped to place literally hundreds of families and individuals who need personal housing services quickly. We have also been there for our customers who needed to be away from home on an extended period of time for Medical Reasons Kalam real estate services has been able to provide a number of personal housing services from companies who also understand the unique requirements surrounding this kind of stay.
But don't just take our word for it, please visit our testimonials page and see what just some of our satisfied customers had to say about our free personal housing services locator.
Because we work both as a temporary/long term/extended housing provider in Dhaka, Bangladesh and we also work other local temporary housing providers along with national companies, our free short term housing locator service will find you just what you are looking for and at the same time save you time, effort and money.
We understand how difficult it is to find quality furnished/serviced/corporate apartments for temporary housing and stay in desirable locations in Dhaka, Bangladesh at the most competitive rates. Relax, we can find what you want at the right price. We can even find pet friendly short/long term accommodations, locations close to neighborhood schools and furnished apartments near leading medical facilities. Just fill out the Furnished Apartments/Housing/Short/Long term Accommodation Info Form, then you can stop looking for furnished/ serviced/ corporate apartments for your short/long term accommodation in Dhaka, Bangladesh and start packing.


We can help you locate a wide selection of corporate housing ideally suited for group relocations and extended stay assignments. Take a minute to provide us with your search criteria, and we'll save you hours of research and hundreds of dollars.


We've been successful in helping secure corporate/ furnished/ unfurnished/ serviced/ corporate housing services for project managers bringing a group of employees on a long term assignment in Dhaka,Bangladesh as well as some hard to place locations as well. We have also been there for office managers, administrative assistants along with concierge service providers who have been tasked with trying to locate corporate housing services. We understand how challenging it can be to locate corporate housing - especially if this is something you typically don't do as part of your job. That's why we created www.furnishedapartmentsbd.com!

Take advantage of our in depth knowledge of all the corporate housing services in Dhaka,Bangladesh housing markets as well some out of the way locations. Our free short term housing locator service will begin to bring you options to meet your criteria almost instantaneously. Here's how we work. Once you contact us by phone or by completing our on line corporate housing services form, we will immediately forward your request to our database of temporary housing companies in the city you need to be. Each company will quickly begin to send you pictures, pricing, availability and contact information for options they have to offer. If you see an option that meets your criteria, you can contact that company directly and reserve an apartment. It's that simple. Our only request is you let us know what you decide. We are a complimentary service to you and we are paid a referral fee by the corporate housing services company you choose. Think of us like your agent for finding a furnished rental.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to put Furnished/ Temporary/ serviced/ corporate Housing in Dhaka,Bangladesh Solutions to work for you!

Trying to provide corporate short term/long term housing for busy people away from home for extended periods is no easy task. They need more than a place to sleep, they want to relax and unwind. We get it. Whether you are scouting corporate housing for individuals, families or work teams, we can help you find comfortable accommodations conveniently located to work, school, restaurants, gyms and other amenities that make life on the road easier. Just tell us what you need in the Corporate Housing Info Form, and we'll find it.



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