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We relocate people all over the world. Our clients benefit from our experience by reducing their risk and by keeping the relocation costs controlled and within budget. The relocating employee and family must be looked after to ensure a successful assignment. With a few tools and our tremendous knowledge, we will help you outline and implement your corporate relocation project in Dhaka, Bangladesh meticulously.


A carefully thought-out Relocation Policy is the most important document to ensure a successful transition; it should be the pillar of any move. The Relocation Policy can define and manage all expectations, reduce the risk from a corporate viewpoint and keep the expenditure under control.

HCR offers support for Corporate Relocation, Relocation Company Support, We see ourselves as an adjunct to the HR function and give value to Procurement and the individual budget holders, whether they are based in Dhaka, Bangladesh or overseas. Together with our partners we provide a personalised and one-on-one approach. Just like our partners we are independent and so we choose the best destination service providers for the job - the most qualified and experienced people who provide the highest standards of service.

We can design a new relocation policy and advise on your current policy by using our extensive experience and industry-benchmarking data.  When you have a clear and comprehensive policy in place you can reduce your risks and improve your internal communications with all staff that may be affected by the relocation.


This is an essential tool that gives you a like-for-like report and ensures a comparable property costing. When you need to keep your relocation costs to an acceptable level and ensure that your assignees do not benefit from any betterment, or indeed, suffer from any shortfall.


A major part of our relocation service offering is the need to reduce your employees' stress levels when relocating.  Our experience has shown us that a major worry for your transferring employee and family is the fear of 'cash out of pocket'. We make sure that your employees audited expenses are reimbursed within 48 hours. Further, you will be kept up to date with all transactions and bespoke reports submitted to you on request.


Assignment costing can be huge. Control your relocation budget, yet ensure you and your employee are compliant with tax schemes - benefit from our deep knowledge to assist you and your employees.


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